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What is Go Nations?

Go NATIONS is a movement mobilizing the entire Body of Christ worldwide, to jointly pursue the completion of the Great Commission in this generation.

Matthew 28:18–20.


It is important to apply every effort possible to awaken, sensitize, and mobilize every aspect of the Body of Christ worldwide to join hands to finish the Great Commission within our generation. For the work to be completed, it requires the united effort of the entire Church of Christ working, not to build the individual denominations and Faith Camps, but to collectively seek the discipling of all nations into the Kingdom of God.

Why Are We Gathering?

We are embarking on this campaign to unite the Body of Christ into a “unity of purpose” for the Great Commission, seeking to finish the entire work globally for God’s Kingdom.


The project: “GO NATIONS LAUNCH – 2024”, is the first step towards bringing the entire Body of Christ to work together with a unity of purpose for the mission. The launch seeks to build a movement that will facilitate the different parts of the Body of Christ working together, regardless of differences in doctrine, denomination, or worship styles.


Who Are We Gathering to Accomplish the Call?

The launch is intended to bring together church leaders from each of 195 countries of the world, covering all the Christian denominations. It is supposed to be the most complete expression of the Body of Christ in this modern day and will be for the one purpose of “re-focusing the Body of Christ on pursuing the finishing of the Great Commission within this generation.

Why Should You Answer the Call?

You will be part of a team of people who will work to promote the establishment of GO NATIONS in every part of the world where God has already given you influence. In addition, you will equip local Church Pastors on how to turn their congregations into regularly soul-winning congregations, and witnessing in the marketplace, or other specialized places like schools, hospitals, prisons, and others found in governmental offices or civil services until every joint of the Body of Christ will be contributing its portion to the work of discipling nations.


Go Nations will be launched officially in 2024 in Israel. This will be in a gathering of nations which will take place from DECEMBER 1st to  December 9th, 2024.


We anticipate a gathering between 300 to 500 attendants, including representation from:

  • Every denomination in the world

  • Every country in the world

  • Every demographic group of society around the world.




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