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Go Nations Launch & Israel Tour

December 1 - 9th, 2024 REGISTRATION FORM

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Step #3 Submit Flight Arrival & Depart Info

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At a minimum, a $500 Deposit MUST be submitted at the time of registration to be valid and confirmed.

Is there an Israeli Embassy in your country:
Have you ever visited Israel?
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Marital Status
Preferred Pament Method
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 All flight information must be submitted to us before October 31st, 2024, to ensure airport transportation. Please provide: Date, Time, Airline, Flight number for both your arrival and departure flights.


1. Delegates are personally responsible for purchasing their travel insurance.

2. A Visa will not be given if your passport expires before 24 May 2025


  1. The cost of a GO NATIONS TOUR TO ISRAEL per person (2 people sharing a room) is US $2400 (Option A) and US$ 1900 (Option B)

  2. The package INCLUDES Hotel accommodation (8 nights), conference fees, Airport and ground transfers, tours in Israel, 2 meals per day (Breakfast and dinner), Professional English-speaking tour guides, A/C Luxury Modern Luxury Coaches, Basic tips to guides and drivers, entry fees to all sites in the program and porterage, and 1 bottle of water per day.

  3. The package EXCLUDES Airfare, Travel Insurance, Israeli visa (if required coming from your nation), Drinks, refreshments, restaurant tips, Pocket money, extra hotel services like calls, laundry, and any other service not mentioned above.

  4. Initial registration Deposit is $500. (non-refundable) As this is a package, there are no discounts or refunds for coming late or leaving early. You must pay extra if you arrive before November 24th, 2024 (check-in 3 pm) or need a hotel from the night of December 2, 2024

  5. Penalty for visa cancelation is $500

  6. Passport and Yellow Fever certificate (if required coming from your nation) MUST be valid for at least 6 months from travel dates.​


Please check if your country requires a visa before arrival. For countries requiring a visa before arrival, each delegate will receive an invitation letter from the nearest embassy. Kindly note: No invitation letter will be issued without payment in full. A visa, if acquired by us, costs an additional $50.



1. In case of tour cancellation for any reason beyond our control, including visa denial, refusal of entry by immigration officers, or force majeure, the money paid will not be refunded.

2. CANCELATION POLICY: a) 3 Months to travel date: 50% deduction, b) 2 Month to travel date: 100% deduction, d) Last minute cancelation and No Show on travel date: 100% deduction e) All visa, registration and admin fees are non-refundable.

3. If the tour participant has medical conditions, all related costs and charges, including but not limited to isolation accommodation, meals, changing of flight, medical tests, transport, and any other related costs, will be borne solely by the participant.

4. The money paid for the tour package is not transferrable to other people and may not be used for eventful medical-related costs, such as isolation accommodation, meals, changing flight tickets, medical tests, transport, hospital admission, and other related costs.

5. ALL participants are requested to take Travel Insurance to cater for any eventualities.

6. In case of a participant's death during the tour, the participant’s family and relatives shall take full responsibility in liaison with the Insurance Company providing the cover. The Organizers shall not bear any responsibility but shall offer administrative support to the family involved.

7. The organizers reserve the right to make substitutions of hotels with hotels of equal standard. The order of the itinerary may also vary depending on the availability of sites while ensuring that the number of sites to be covered in the program is maintained.

8. The tour involves walking and, therefore, requires physical fitness. If a participant has any physical challenges that make it difficult for him/ her to walk distances, go up inclines, climb stairs, carry luggage, ride escalators, or ride in a wheelchair, etc., he/she will need to travel with a companion/assistant. The participant shall fully bear all costs for the assistant/companion. Notify us of any physical or medical conditions affecting you while traveling.

9. The organizers are not responsible for damage, loss, or theft of luggage/personal items. Any damage/loss/theft must be reported during the incident and documented in writing by local authorities to the insurance company.

10. The organizers do not maintain any liability insurance to protect individuals or others who may participate in the tour.

11. The organizers assume no responsibility for any medical-related cases, complications, injuries, damages, losses, accidents, delays, schedule changes, or irregularities resulting in changes beyond their control to any person or reason, including but not limited to the default or omission of any private or commercial carrier or third party providing services or facilities connected with this tour or any part thereof.

12. The participant agrees that all photos, videos, and interviews taken by the organizers shall be used to promote tours both during and after the tour.

13. In consideration for participation in the tour, the undersigned individual does hereby release and forever discharge the organizers and their representatives, agents, directors, and employees jointly and severally from any actions, causes of actions, claims, and demands upon or because of any damage, loss or injury of any kind or nature which may be sustained by participating in the tour.

14. This Liability Release extends, applies to, and covers all known and unknown, unforeseen, unanticipated, and unsuspected injuries, damage, losses, and liabilities and their consequences.

15. It is further understood and agreed that participation in the tour is not to be construed as an admission of liability or acceptance or assumption of responsibility by the organizers, their representatives, agents, directors, and employees, jointly and severally for any damage and/or expenses for which the organizers, their representatives, agents, directors, and employees become liable as a result of any alleged act of the participant.

16. All terms and conditions apply.

I, the undersigned, have read the terms of this Go Nations Tour to Israel and agree to undertake the journey. By submitting this registration form, I acknowledge I am submitting a legally binding electronic signature. 

Thanks for submitting!


+1 (469) 975-3210 | +256 770 659 416 | +256 702 586 045


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